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Dynafit Website Video

If any of you out there visit the Dynafit home website by using the link on the North American microsite as much as I do, then you’ve seen this video intro a few thousand times now. But I figure many of those who visit TetonAT may have missed it.  It’s kinda stokey…and gets me pumped […]

Dynafit Heel-Slop Mini-Mod

I feel like I have to preempt this post by saying that I think there is no other AT binding out there that out performs the Dynafit system when considering weight, ease of use, reliability and performance. Yeah, you can pretty much make any product do anything you want, but the trick is to keep […]

Dynafit Field Repair in the Beartooths

I’ve rarely had any problems with my Dynafit bindings. If I do, it’s usually because I forgot to adjust them after switching to different boots with different sole lengths, or not taking my time with re-assembly and stripping some of the screws. You only have to screw up once to learn your lesson, because not […]

2009 Winter Outdoor Retailer Backcountry Basecamp

Rolled into the Winter Outdoor Retailer Backcountry Basecamp around noon yesterday and only had a few hours to check out the new ski gear, so I headed straight to the Black Diamond tent. BD was running a demonstration of the effectiveness of the AvaLung by burying OR show director Kenji Haroutunian and it was pretty […]