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Name That Couloir

And I’ll give you $10 if you get it. 🙂 Hint: In the Tetons…skied today.

Name That Couloir #18

Let’s play another round of…NAME…THAT…COULOIR! This one might be a bit tough and we may have a stumper.  (Prove me wrong!)  I think you really may have had to skied this couloir to know the name. BUT, you folks always surprise me on this stuff, so someone might recognize the lifts or the road at […]

Name That Couloir #17

Leave your answer in the comments section!

Name That Couloir #16

Here we have another “Name That Couloir” photo sent in from one of our TetonAT viewers. I’m thinking giving a photo credit might help give away the answer, so I’ll plug one in once the line is guessed. Leave your answer in the comments section and as always, if you think you have a good […]

Name That Couloir

Right on, right on! It looks like we are back on the “Name that Couloir” train and big thanks to all those that sent in photos last week! As before, if you think you have a good photo of a couloir, and think it would be good for this game…please get in touch and send […]

Video: Name That Couloir #15

It’s been a long time since we played “Name that Couloir” here on TetonAT.com. (Click here for past posts.) To tell you the truth, I really liked this “game”, but honestly, I felt like I ran out of good photos of Teton couloirs. I’ve been thinking of expanding this “game” to include lines in other […]