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More Grand Teton Speed Porn

Well, since someone (Brian Story) came within 3 minutes of breaking the Grand Teton speed descent record this weekend, as well as an impressive time on a Grand, Middle and South Teton ski descent link-up (Nathan Brown and Zahan Billamoria, 10:39), this video of Bryce Thatcher and Creighton King’s battle for the summer ascent and […]

New Wyoming Paragliding Distance Record

Congratulations to Chip Hildebrand for the breaking the Wyoming state cross-country paragliding distance record. Chip’s flight from Philips Ridge (Teton Pass) to Thermopolis covered over 137 miles and took 6:19. Chip was able to take advantage of a tail wind and primo thermals to steal the old record held by, I think, Josh Riggs for […]