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New Wyoming Paragliding Distance Record

Congratulations to Chip Hildebrand for the breaking the Wyoming state cross-country paragliding distance record. Chip’s flight from Philips Ridge (Teton Pass) to Thermopolis covered over 137 miles and took 6:19. Chip was able to take advantage of a tail wind and primo thermals to steal the old record held by, I think, Josh Riggs for […]

Interesting Wyoming License Plate Fact

Ever wonder why there are the little county numbers on the Wyoming license plates, or why Teton County is number 22, while the uber-scenic and desirable Natrona County is number 1? Well I did, and I came across some interesting information the other day that I think you might find interesting. What would the county […]

El Vaquero Loco

First day out in the Crosslites…crushed! Good times and a solid 3rd place finish (2:46) in the 25K at the El Vaquero Loco 50K/25K race today down in Afton, Wyoming.  The rugged course travels through the amazing Salt River Range, which though difficult to access in the winter, does hold some great skiing for those […]

Peter Bakwin Sets New Speed Record On Gannett Peak

For those of you that have climbed Gannett Peak (13,804′), the highest mountain in Wyoming, you know that for most people it tends to be a 3-5 day trip, mainly because of its long approach. But there are some folks out there (there seems to be more and more of them these days) that are […]