Otterbody Route

Has Progression Gone Out The Window?

Randosteve gets a facial during the early days on Wimpys. Maybe it’s the gear, the skill level, the media, or the now easily accessible backcountry terrain out of ski resort gates, but it seems like today, many skiers are forgoing the natural progression of steeping it up from easier to gnarlier lines.  Instead, going right […]

Guest TR: Skiing The Grand Teton's Otterbody Route

I’m gonna milk one more post out of the Winds trip, but I wanted to congratulate Bryan Feinstein, Colin O’Farrell and Ty Cook for a descent of the rad Otterbody Route on the Grand Teton last week. If I have my numbers right, only four other people have previously skied or snowboarded the route…”old school” […]

Albright? Allllriiiggghhht!

I found myself at the top of Wimpys, three out of four days last week. Some people may think it’s lame to ski the same run all the time, but when it nuking winds and dumping a foot of snow a day, who can blame me for heading to slopes I’m familiar with and I […]

Guest TR: 11's Couloir, Peak 10,960

Wet and rainy conditions welcomed the racers, but Brandon French toughed it out and was the first American, and first in his start group, to cross the finish line. Challenging conditions for all racers and props to the other US team members for gutting it out to the finish. Italian Guido Giacomelli won it for […]


Here are a couple scenics from running Cascade to Paintbrush Canyon yesterday Click here for a larger image Click here for a larger image

Stettner Rockfall Photo

Photo: Roy Miller. Courtesy Alpinist Magazine Doodz…Check out this photo of the big rockfall in the Stettner Couloir of the Grand Teton I blogged about over the Labor Day weekend. I found this photo on the Alpinist Magazine Reader’s Blog.

New PR on the Grand Teton

My new PR for car to summit on the Grand Teton I’ve been feeling like a slacker aerobically lately, so I decided to run the Grand today. It is the best workout we have and all. I managed to best my personal record for CTS (car to summit) by five minutes and my CTC (car […]

Light and Fast on the Grand Teton

WARNING: Free soloing is dangerous and not recommended. Rock climbing without a rope and protection is extremely risky and the smallest slip could result in death. Julia Heemstra on her way towards the Upper Saddle and a sub 4 hour ascent of the Grand Teton with Table Mountain in the background. The Eye of the […]

Reports from the Grand Teton

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on skiing the Grand Teton, but I have skied it a few times in both powder and spring-snow conditions, and feel I have a good idea of what to expect up there. Recently, I’ve gotten some trip reports from others who have had successful descents on the mountain in […]

Coloradians/Californians Taste Success in the Tetons

One of the cool things about having this blog is all the interesting people it has allowed me to meet so far. I often get emails, like daily, from total strangers interested in finding out more about Teton ski conditions and specific route beta. This past weekend, some skiers from Colorado and California were in […]

Close-call in Avalanche Canyon

Brian Ladd hikes around Taggart Lake after losing a ski in a slough avalanche in Avalanche Canyon. About halfway to the fork in Avalanche Canyon today was when I knew I should have gone skiing on Teton Pass instead. It was snowing really hard now, and you could hear the winds ripping on the peaks […]

Tracks on the Grand

This photo of our ski tracks on the Grand Teton was on the front page of this weekend’s edition of the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Great view of a fracture line on the East Face above the Otterbody Snowfields too. Tracks from local skiers Steve Romeo, Brian Harder, Reed Finlay and Dustin Lemke are […]

Powder Turns on the Grand Teton

Great day yesterday climbing and skiing the Ford/Stettner route on the Grand Teton with Brian Harder, Reed Finlay and Dustin Lemke. We got a 4 AM start and broke trail, booting from the meadows all the way to the summit…and my quads were quivering at the end of the day. We had a leisurely pace, […]

South Sentinel Couloir

Note: OK, just click on thumbnails for larger images…thanks. I couldn’t find anyone to ski with yesterday, so I went on a solo adventure back up into Garnett Canyon. I checked the temps when I woke up, the Airport read 10F…the top of the Village said 20F…a nice inversion! The sun was rising just as […]