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Video From Skiing The Archangle Ridge on Mount Foraker

I’m killing time in Ushuaia right now before my flight to Mendoza tomorrow and I thought I’d share this video that was sent to me by Ryan Bougie from his and Marcus Wharing’s ski descent of the Archangle Ridge on Mount Foraker this past spring. Pretty wild to see these guys nail this descent on […]


TR: First Descent of the Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker

When I originally posted about the first descent of the Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker, it was questioned by some. Thanks to Marcus Waring for putting this trip report together and setting the record straight, and congratulations on a successful first descent of an amazing ski line. -Steve. Photo courtesy of Doglotion.com. “…Now that we […]


Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker Gets First Ski Descent

Update- It seems as though the accuracy of this post has come into question. Over a month ago, I heard about this descent via an email from someone who saw ski tracks on the route, as well as hearing about it thru Facebook and Twitter posts. More recently, I saw it posted on some other […]


Sultana Ski Team One Step Closer

Most likely, this is the view out of thier tent window. Photo courtesy of AlasdairTurner.com. As suspected, I just got another SPOT messenger update on the Sultana Ski Team’s position and it looks as though they are one step closer to their goal of skiing from the top of Mount Foraker. If successful, they will […]


Sultana Ridge Ski Team Update

The Sultana Ski Team’s location as of Saturday night, May 6th. After getting several SPOT messenger updates from Andrew McLean and the Sultana Ski Team over the past couple weeks, it’s nice to see that the they have finally been able to move up to their second camp near the summit of Mount Crossen. The […]


Good Luck on Mount Foraker

Sunset on Mount Foraker with the Sultana Ridge in the foreground. Just wanted to wish Andrew McLean and company good luck on their attempt to ski the Sultana Ridge on Mount Foraker (aka, Sultana). Andrew has just left with teammates Courtney Phillips (SLC), Kip Garre (Tahoe) and Fred Marmsater (Boulder) for a shot at the […]


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