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UpdateIt seems as though the accuracy of this post has come into question.

Over a month ago, I heard about this descent via an email from someone who saw ski tracks on the route, as well as hearing about it thru Facebook and Twitter posts. More recently, I saw it posted on some other blogs and I received another email saying they also though the claim of the first descent was accurate. I guess we’ll wait and see if this is truly the case. For now, I will leave the rest of this post as it is. More details as they become available.

About a month ago, I was informed that the Archangel Ridge on Mount Foraker got it’s first ski descent this past June. While not totally sure of the source and not wanting to spread bad information, I’ve been trying to confirm it for the past few weeks. Just last night I was informed that it is true.

The Archangel Ridge (or North Ridge) on Mount Foraker is a big line.
It rises 11,500′ up from the Foraker Glacier and has a mile long knife edge ridge referred
to as “Angel’s Way”. Photo courtesy of

Now, there is not much information out there about the descent (maybe it will turn up in a magazine this winter) but word is that two Whistler ski patrollers, Ryan Bougie and Marcus Wharing, made a successful descent of the Archangel Ridge soon after the Sultana Ski Team got off the mountain after their descent of the Sultana Ridge on June 8th.  Congrats to the Canadian duo on a successful first, we all sure would love to hear more about it.  Any of you Canadian visitors know these guys?