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TetonSnowInfo Summary For Weather/Snow Geeks

For those of you that just can’t get enough weather info and love to crunch the numbers and study graphs, TetonSnowInfo has created a nice Snow/Weather Summary Report web page that puts all of the past month’s weather and snow information into easy to read graphs. You can pick different snow and weather stations to […]


Is This New Snow Nuclear?

Yes, it worries me greatly that there is a nuclear meltdown going on on the other side of the Pacific. (Click here to help with the recovery.) For me, it’s hard to believe what all the radiation experts are saying about the effect (or non-effect) it might have on the US. (Like they know…I’m sure!!!) […]


2010/2011 Winter Weather Predictions

What’s in store for you this winter? Well folks, even though my mind is on skiing in the southern hemisphere right now, I’m still stressing and wondering how this coming winter is going to shape up here at home, both in regards to temperature and precipitation. Of course it’s every skier’s dream to have cold […]


Snow in South Africa!!!

Satillite image of snow in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, 7/15/10. It is fitting that not only do World Cupers have to deal with those annoying horns blaring all the time, but now they will need to deal with snow that is falling from the sky in South Africa. How often does it snow […]


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