Mini-Ice Age?

Paging Ptor Spricenieks…Ptor Spricenieks to the courtesy phone please. If you’ve followed this blog and the comments at all over the years, you know that on most weather related posts, Ptor Spricenieks usually chimes in about solar flares and other weather anomalies that I can’t even pronounce, never mind understand. So, I’m wondering what he […]

TetonSnowInfo Summary For Weather/Snow Geeks

For those of you that just can’t get enough weather info and love to crunch the numbers and study graphs, TetonSnowInfo has created a nice Snow/Weather Summary Report web page that puts all of the past month’s weather and snow information into easy to read graphs. You can pick different snow and weather stations to […]

New Teton Mobile Avalanche/Weather Forecast Site

Just in time for the epic avalanche cycle we are about to enter is the release of a new mobile avalanche and weather website for Teton County, called  You might ask what makes this site better than the BTNF 7AM forecast that gets emailed to your phone, I mean it doesn’t get any more […]

Avy Avoidance: Always Look Uphill!

Here is little look at a very close call by a couple guys skiing the Northwest Passage in Granite Canyon and the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort backcountry during last year’s epic snow season. It looks like on this day there was some considerable avalanche danger and one skier came one turn away from getting munched. […]

Thank You Saint John

Today on Mount Saint John. Click all photos for larger image. Well, I think I need to have my head examined for not heeding my own advice to pull in the reigns this weekend due to a current questionable snowpack at the higher elevations here in the Tetons. Sometimes though, the lure to try and […]

Teton Skiers: Choose Your Line Wisely

Good news Teton skiers! It looks like spring might finally be moving in to the Jackson Hole region next week. (Maybe?) I know it has been a snowy winter and most folks are chomping at the bit to get into the high peaks and hit that line they have been thinking about all season. And […]

Avoid Transceiver Creep

I like to wear my transceiver on the front of my torso and away from my arms, backpack straps and jacket pockets. Like many of you (I think), I wear an avalanche transceiver when skiing in the backcountry. (My personal favorite is an Ortovox S1.) Most transceivers come with a decent carrying case and harness […]

D5 Albright Slide?

So, last week I went on a ski tour to ski Son of Apocalypse Couloir on Prospector’s Mountain. Someone had skied it the day before (meaning we had sloppy seconds – something I hate), but they dropped in not quite from the top, so my partner and I were still able to get some untracked […]

Outdoor Retailer Avy Corner

I was able to get by a few of the booths of the players in the avalanche safety game while at the Outdoor Retailer trade show yesterday. I’m keen to Ortovox products, but it’s always fun to see what other products are out there as well. The Ortovox S1+. My first stop was at Ortovox, […]

Spicy Avalanche Conditions Expected in New Zealand

It’s pretty hard to avoid there being high avalanche danger in New Zealand when it snows 13 feet in 10 days. Like with most trips, local or abroad, I’ve started to eyeball the conditions and weather forecasts for New Zealand.  (Launch day is tomorrow!) seems to be the best website for weather and […] For Kick Butt Weather Forecasts

I know many of you are at times like. Obsessed with weather? Big days, multiple day trips and generally getting objectives done, often mean short or long stints of good weather. Yeah, it’s nice to have everlasting dumpage and soft powder, but sooner or later the clouds are gonna break, the sun will shine and […]

Going for the Line.

It’s been almost two years, to the day, since I saw this ski line. It was on a trip to the Wind River Range and I have honestly thought about it nearly everyday since. It’s steep, exposed and narrow, on one of the major peaks in the range and I’m not sure if it’s been […]

Adrenaline Junkie: Avalanche Rescue

Need a wake-up call? Sometimes I do. Holding back from skiing steep exposed runs in epic, bluebird powder conditions isn’t always easy and this video shows that no matter how much you train, avalanche rescue can take a really long time. Especially when you’re not using the proper equipment. Time to play it safe! Support […]

Avalanche PSA: Albright/Wimpys Massif

Major avalanche activity on the Alright/Wimpys massif. It was pretty crazy driving up to the park this morning and checking out all of the avalanche activity…especially on runs like Wimpys and Albright that get regular traffic. My guess is that most of these slides occurred yesterday, before noon. It didn’t look like anyone had been […]

Ski Patrolman Seriously Injured in JHMR Avalanche

Update: Unfortunately, Mark Wolling was unable to recover from his injuries. Peace be with you Big Wally…I hope the snow is soft and the winds are light in heaven. At approximately 8:26am today, Mark “Big Wally” Wolling was swept down Cheyenne Bowl while in the process of conducting avalanche reduction work on Route 7 prior […]

2009/2010 Winter Weather Forecasts and Predictions

What kind of winter can YOU expect? Once again, it’s that time of year when all of us skiers are wondering what the 2009-2010 winter has in store for us. Will it bring big snow storms with lots of power skiing and technical ski lines filling in for sickbird descents, or clear and dry weather […]

Avalanches Baby!

I’ve seen a lot of avalanche footage over the years and I sometimes wonder if watching makes one more comfortable and less afraid OR more fearful of avalanches over time. I think to some extent, video footage tends to make you more scared of them, but outrunning and/or surviving an avalanche in real life, might […]

Now Is The Time…I'm Going For It!

Update– Well, there must have been something wrong with my telescope, because the stars came out of alignment. After 10 hours and 475 miles of driving today…I’m back in Jackson. Turns out the weather took a turn for the worse and the mountain range I was headed to was completely socked in with weather.  With […]

Fun With Tilt-shift and Miniature Faking Photography

Dustin Lemke rappels the Stettner Couloir on the Grand Teton. So, I saw this thread on the TGR Forums last week and at first I though, “whatever, trick photography, no biggie!” But after reading the entire thread, learning about Tilt-shift, and finding out there is a website to modify your own images with the flare […]

The Importance of Islands of Safety