By: randosteve|Posted on: November 10, 2006|Posted in: Glory, The Tetons | 1 comment

Last night it snowed…so I went skiing.

Glory needs more

This is my first ski trip since going to New Zealand it if felt great. Most of the snow has melted on the sunlight aspects, but a nice crust layer has formed were the snowpack has been able to hold on through the rain and warm temps.

Glory still needs a lot of snow. Imagine there may be skiing on the north sides of Little Tucks…but that’s not for me. I got firs turns in Avalanche bowl, passing skiers on the way. About 4-6” had fallen…and only a few inches of the weeds still popped up above the snow. A few people came for a run or two. I met two Mikes while I was there.

One Mike Jibbers

The skiing was pretty good…considering. The turns on the skier’s left were better cuz they were lower angle…so you could “think light” and not scrape the bottom as much. I ended up getting in about 4000′ of vert in…which is nice since the bowl is less than 400′. The watch said 12 laps…and got to see some high school jibbers in the parking lot.