By: randosteve|Posted on: November 30, 2006|Posted in: Peak 10,686, The Tetons | 12 comments

After the fun stuff

Maverick with 10,696 on the cloudsToday was my first Park tour of the season. Conditions are still quite thin down low but the snow up high was great! The temperature was -5F at the trailhead andLost and keep? we could feel it in our lungs. We followed a skin track across Whitegrass Meadow, to the top of Maverick and found some sunglasses on the way They looked like they might be Cary Smith’s…who I think was up here yesterday.

Reed nears the summit

We had some spare time, so we punched the track to the top of Peak 10,696. The SE Face still had a far bit of rocks showing through, but we thought the higher we got the better. On the way down the snow was nice but we kept the speed in check cuz of the rocks. We found some nice alleys where we could link up some turns. The snow was still great on the top 1/3 of Maverick but then it got pretty thin. We skied it with caution. Wimpy’s looked like it needed more.

Reed gets the POW