By: randosteve|Posted on: December 28, 2006|Posted in: Random Teton Posts, The Tetons | 4 comments
Rimed up Grand

Going down is the easy partAnother 5” and clearing skies were a great excuse to try to ski 10’000′ today. Reed and I were the first ones in the lot and a couple inches of fluff covered that trail. The Tetons are an OK place to go for big vertical, although up to an hour can be wasted getting to the slopes worth lapping.

The first climb went slow, breaking trail the whole way. But the skiing was phenomenal!!! I had my Verdicts again and it was all I could do to not just straight-line everything. We ripped it downhill to where the slope flattens out, for a total of about 3000′. Let the laps begin.

Lap number two

V-Notch (aka Buttcrack) CouloirThe sky had cleared, but the wind picked up…filling in the skin tracks. I say ‘tracks’ cuz a few others had arrived and not been able to follow the one I set. Pay to play I guess. The second run was the best. We skied the right hand side ridge…Reed made bouncy turns and I let them run. Fresh lines are the best.

ProofWe scurried back up top and threw in a quick half-lap before hurrying back up to catch the sun going down behind the mountains and look at the surrounding lines. We felt confident in the snowpack and skied right down the gut for our last run for a total of over 10,000′. My first this season, I think Greg Hill has 19…read about them here.

Thinking about tomorrow