By: randosteve|Posted on: January 5, 2007|Posted in: People | 4 comments
RIPRumor has it a skier died at the village today. Details are sketchy, but maybe from a broken femur, after getting avalanched over a cliff. Not something most skiers like to hear.
Here is the latest info: I guess three skiers were involved in this incident. The victim aired the Fat Bastard cliff, out running an avalanche…only to get buried by the debris. The two others were washed over the cliff and partially buried. A good account can be found here.
Fat Bastard line/huck
From the Avy Report: A skier died today as a result of an avalanche in the backcountry south of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. This incident occurred in a steep northeasterly cliff area near the start of the Green River Traverse. The victim was a member of a group three alpine skiers who entered the backcountry from the resort boundary. They triggered a surface slab.

I skied in the backcountry alone today…I feel lucky. Whoever it was…RIP.