By: randosteve|Posted on: January 24, 2007|Posted in: People | 15 comments

Grand Teton from Lake SolitudeHello, I am skiing in the park today and getting an early start, but I want to direct your attention to the comments to yesterday’s post. I could have deleted them, so no one would see them, but I thought that wouldn’t be right. Everyone has the right to say what they want…including myself.

Personally, I felt the comments were uncalled for and a little over the top…but to each his own. The thing I find about writing this way…over the web…to the world…is that it is sometimes hard to understand the context that something is said or written in. Most of the time I am just stating facts or thought’s that come to my mind as I ski around…often by myself. They may come off as harsh, or snobbish, and might even sound like ‘spray’. The reality of this site is that it is about AT skiing in the Tetons, cuz I am an AT skier and it pretty much rules my life right now. I love to ski more that anything, and sometimes my passion and emotions get the best of me and may come off as bro-bra. But if you think I am bro-bra, man you haven’t been out the box in a long time.

Please feel free to leave a comment, however you feel about things. Please note that if it is your first time commenting on this site, I will need to approve it as a way to control spam…and it might not be until Wednesday evening. I truly thank all those that visit this website…live to ski!

Steve Romeo, AKA Randosteve