By: randosteve|Posted on: February 6, 2007|Posted in: The Tetons, Thor Peak | 10 comments

Well now that the February issue of Backcountry Magazine, with that Hidden Couloir piece, is on the shelves, I figure I will add some fuel to the stoke. Skiing the Hidden Couloir in 2005 was a great achievement for Reeders and I, and it felt great to bag the steep, technical descent. Here is a photo TR of the trip.

Reed pulls the torpedo towards Leigh Canyon and Thor Peak.

Reed Finlay skins on the park road towards Thor Peak

Randosteve boots up one of the south couloirs of Thor Peak.

Randosteve climbs the South Couloir on Thor Peak

Randosteve chops into the Hidden Couloir.

Randosteve chops into the Hidden Couloir on Thor Peak

The Hidden Couloir on Thor Peak.

The Hidden Couloir

Randosteve preps for the descent.

Randosteve preps for the descent

Reed Finlay commits to Hidden Couloir.

Reed Finlay commits to the Hidden Couloir

Randosteve skis the Hidden Couloir.

Randosteve skis Hidden Couloir

Reed Finlay below Hidden Couloir.
Reed skis below the Hidden Couloir

Randosteve climbs down to the rappels in tough snow.

Randosteve downclimbs to the rappels

Reed does the last of three rappels…

Reed on the third rappel

…just before sunset.

The sun set over Mt Woodring as we came off the ropes