By: randosteve|Posted on: February 10, 2007|Posted in: Random Teton Posts, The Tetons | 2 comments

Man, did anyone else ski in the park yesterday? It was dumping! I got up early yesterday, hoping to catch a weather window and ski something fun again. The skies cleared as the sun went down the previous night, but it was snowing once again by morning so I opted for Wimpys instead.

I broke trail once the fresh snow started to deepen and I didn’t see anyone else while I was there. I did three laps on the upper bowl. I’d say it was snowing at over an inch an hour at times and the skin track was filling in with each lap, so I got a good workout too.

The skiing was pretty good and I had my fat skis to keep me on top. I skied the gut line my last lap and it was great! I fear the avy danger when we get more snow though. Good sliding surfaces seemed to be everywhere. I think up high (over 11000ft) things many be different though…just a guess really.

This morning I did a quick lap on the Pass, and it was good as well. Better skiing in the park though, cuz there’s fewer frozen tracks underneath. On a side note…when I was skinning up Wimpys the other day, I saw giant snow-pit behind a roller that wasn’t filled back in. It was just waiting to suck-up an unsuspecting rider. I remind backcountry users to please fill in their pits when they are through with them…Thanks!

It looks like some more snow is one the way, so bring on the healing!