By: randosteve|Posted on: February 16, 2007|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, The Tetons, Wimpy's | 11 comments

Clearing skies?I slept in this morning (until 7) and didn’t get out of the house until almost nine. I was skiing solo today and it seemed to have snowed lightly all night, so I cruised to Wimpys for some more powder turns. The weather satellite looked like there might be some clearing skies today, so I was hoping I might get luck with some bluebird.

What the?!The skies looked like they might be clearing as I parked the Nismo, but one can never tell. I put my head down and kicked up the trail to the steeper slopes. About 15 minutes from the car, I noticed something on the trail. It looked like a dead moose…what the????

Moose carcass after wolf attackAs I got closer, I could see that it was defiantly a young moose and there were tracks all around. I took a closer look and the tracks appeared to be that of a wolf. By the looks of it, it looked like the attack happened early this morning and that I was the first on the scene. I’m not a biologist or detective (well, a minor in biology), but I do have some experience staring at the ground and analyzing tracks. I called park dispatch to let them know about the incident. I think they like to monitor this kind of thing.

Wolf Tracks

I tried not to look directly at the dead animal, cuz I’m not good with gory stuff, and I started to wonder if the wolves were watching me. As I skied on, the tracks of the wolves continued to follow the trail. I decided it would be a good idea to turn my music down and keep my head up for the next mile or so.

The skin track was completely filled in from the meadow up, but I was feeling good and didn’t mind the workout. It amazes me that there is nobody up here though, as the skiing has really been out of this world!!!! I kept the angle down a bit, hoping that someone would come and pack it down some more before my second lap.

Now that's deep!I saw some folks heading my way when I was about a third of the way to the top, but they didn’t catch up until ‘summit’ of Wimpy. It turned out to be some friends from work, whose tracks were completely filled in from the day before. We skied the middle-right ridge to the gully together, and then I went back up for another lap. I skied the right-ridge the second time down. Mister Suunto says 6400′ today. The skiing continues to blow me away right now, as it has been snowing in the mountains for the past few days…with very little wind. The lack of wind makes the skiing outstanding!

One interesting thing worth noting…my co-workers who were up here the day before, said they saw the young moose on their way out to the car after skiing. Awww…RIP little moose!!!