By: randosteve|Posted on: March 16, 2007|Posted in: Gear | 2 comments
Penn Newhard teles the corn

Today was cat-skiing day with the crew. A couple more people from Black Diamond joined us, Matt Law, who is a photographer and graphic designer, and Ben Walker, who heads up the product development team.

Matt Law Ben Walker

Black Diamond ZealotsWe were all skiing on the new BD skis for next season, and all the feedback was positive. I rode a pair of 185cm Zealots, that are 110mm under foot. They skied the corn quite well and really just wanted to go fast. They actually even made short turns quite well, considering the wide dimensions. Ben had a pair of 192cm, PRO model Zealots…and I was very jealous.

The corn skiing was quite good, and we followed the sun around to get the best harvest. The guides had named our cat ‘Tara’ and I’m not sure why. But I was just happy we weren’t in ‘Kenny’, which seemed to konk-out a lot…just like in South Park. The terrain was pretty moderate and it looked like they were almost done for the season, with the snow melting quickly in these sunny, hot days.

Tara Kenny

Just a quick post today, gotta get some rest for the race in the morning. I had a great time skiing today, everyone was very friendly and had fun stories to share. In the race tomorrow, I think the skinning will be tough, considering the course and icy conditions. There is a small chance that the course may be chanced due to avalanche conditions (if it doesn’t freeze tonight), but I doubt that will happen. Click here for some cool photos by our guide Jon Marshall.

The terrain