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2007 Black Daimond Powder Keg

Fun day of racing down here at the Black Diamond Powder Keg in Alta! Thanks to Andrew McLean, Butch Adams, Colleen Graham-Niklow, and many others for putting on a great event.

Andrew Butch Colleen

The tracks were very slick and the first skin up the moguls was tough. I think Cary Smith side-stepped and herringboned up the whole thing. Once things settled in though, Ethan Passant started to pull away. From where I was, it looked like Chris Kroger, Pete Swenson, Grant Guise, and Cary Smith were all battling in the lead group.

Kroger talks about his raceThe course took its toll on some racers. Bryan Wickenhauser lost a ski on the bootpack and Zahan Billimoria accidentally dropped a skin at a transition…both giving up a place to yours truly. The big story was at the finish though. Kroger was able to battle back, and pass Ethan on the last downhill, not surprising, since Chris used to work up here and currently patrols in Jackson…so he skis a lot. Anyway, Chris took the lead and was positioned to win, when he slipped (or something) not 100′ from the finish. Ethan coasted by to get the prize. Pete Swenson came in third place.

The women’s event sounded interesting also. Monique Merrill took a nice slide in the moguls and had to chase down Amy Fulwyler to grab second place. Karen Kinsley won the women’s race, setting up for a good battle in Jackson next weekend.

Overall Winners Women's Overall Winners

I went into this event trying to stay relaxed and not stress about it. My goals were to stay in the top ten and within 10 minutes of the winners, which I think I did with a 7th place result. Over 10 racers came down for the event from Jackson, which was very cool as well. Click here for a complete list of today’s results.

Some other notable results were Penn Newhard winning the men/tele/race class, and Lisa Dawson taking first in the womens/rec/at category. Nice job guys!!! One more race to go this weekend with the team relay tomorrow. I’m on Team Media Circus…should be a hoot!!!

UDOT doing avy control on Mt Superior

With the warm temps the past few days, UDOT has been closing Little Cottonwood Canyon and doing heli-supported avalanche control work. I have a great view of Mt Superior and was able to watch the action.