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Sunrise over the Sleeping Indian

Chris Figenshau called me Monday night to see if I was up for dawn-patrol on the pass Tuesday morning. It looked like it was going to be a bluebird powder day, so how could I resist getting some fresh turns under the morning sky. I had to work at 10:30, so I would have plenty of time to fit it in.

Sunrise is now around 7am, so I got up at 4:30 and met Chris at 5:30 at the Stagecoach in Wilson. Pretty early start for me for a pass run, but we really wanted to be sure we were in position for the sunrise in order to capture it on film. Chris had rallied a couple other ‘ski-models’, Trevor Haitt and Shawn Tonozzzi, to join us too.

Here comes the sun

We had the summit of Glory all to ourselves when we arrived and we quickly clicked-in and made our way to where Figs wanted to shoot some pics. The sun came up right on time and Chris said he ‘crushed-it’ once again. Maybe we’ll get to see some of his work someday.

I’m not very good at powder skiing photos, but I did get an OK shot of Chris on the other side of the lens, killing the powder.

Chris Figenshau on the other side of the lens

Here is a pretty good one of Shawn curling a nice rooster tail…Surf’s up!

Shawn Tonozzi curls the powder

I didn’t get any real good one’s of Trevor, but I did get to see him jump off some rocks…which I believe is his specialty. Here, he’s going for one serious pole plant.

Trevor throwing the pole plant

It took us well over an hour to get back to the road on a run that typically takes only a few minutes to ski when your not stopping for photos. A fellow rider stopped to shuttle us back to the car almost instantaneously as we arrived. Thanks!

Catching a ride back to the top

I was pretty tired by the time I got out of work at 7pm, but it was my Friday, so I was looking forward to some more days off. A visitor came by to drop these Scarpa F3s off as well. Looking forward to trying these babies out as things warm up.

Ciao for now!!! 😀

Scarpa F3