By: randosteve|Posted on: May 10, 2007|Posted in: Gannett Peak, The Wind Rivers | 2 comments
Gannett Peak rises in the distanceGannett Peak rises in the distance

Wyoming Public Radio’s weekly news program, “Open Spaces,” features a group of Jackson skiers, who climbed and skied the state’s highest peak to raise awareness about global warming. Lead by Jackson mountaineer Forrest McCarthy, the group skied Gannett Peak in the Wind River Mountains, which encompasses the greatest concentration of glaciers in the American Rockies. The glaciers are shrinking, and one study projects the glaciers could disappear if the current rate of melting continues. The Jackson skiers traveled 50 miles round-trip to ski on the glaciers as part of a national campaign focused on raising awareness about how climate change could hit home.

Catch this PODCAST by Rebecca Huntington on NPR’s website.