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Looking forward to next seasonWell…unfortunately it looks like my 2006/7 Teton ski season is over. Other areas of the country are still skiing what looks like good snow, but around here the snow is pretty much fried. I may get out for some novelty turns later in the summer, but for all intents and purposes, I’ve hung up my boards for the season…though I haven’t put storage wax on two of my AT rigs quite yet…just in case.

Most of the skiers and riders here in the Tetons will comment that the 06/07 season was pretty marginal, due to the low snowfall. While I would agree that it wasn’t the best year for snow, clear skies are also nice when you want to go on bigger tours. Although I tried a few times to scratch some serious descents off my tick-list and explore some new terrain, it was a pretty average season for me all in all. Most of the coveted descents on my list really need a good snow year to make them ‘go’

Luckily I was still able to ski a few new lines, like the North Face of Mount Hunt, South Couloir on Cloudveil Dome, and the Rimrock Lake Couloir on Prospectors Mountain. Skiing the Grand Teton in powder conditions will also be remembered, even though it was my third time skiing the Ford/Stettner route. I only got one ‘official’ 10,000′ day in and raced in only two rando races (Powder Keg, JH Rally), but I seemed to hold my position in the field of racers from past seasons….finishing in the top ten.

I put together a slide show highlighting some of the better photographs from the more memorable runs of the season. The video embedded within this post is about 10 minutes long and kind of low res. But here is a link to a higher res version that is over 20 minutes and is a .wmv file (2007 Slide Show). I recommend grabbing something to drink, turning off the lights and kicking back to watch this version. Some classic Zeppelin resonates in the background and it will no doubt get you fired up for another season. I promise!

Thanks to all those that visit this site on a regular basis…it is very exciting to think of where may take me (or should I say…us) over the next few years. I will continue to post throughout the summer, so please…stick around.

Steve Romeo

Note– I will include a link to this slide show on the ‘Teton Descents’ page located in the navigation bar at the top…if you want to find it quick later on.