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Randosteve and BD Seracs below Teewinots Crooked Thumb Couloir, circa 1999Randosteve with BD Seracs below Teewinot’s Crooked Thumb Couloir, circa 1999

BD Zealots: For fanaticly commited skiersBD KillowatsOne of the reasons I started this website was to have something to show potential sponsors the stuff I was doing, in hopes solidifying a relationship with some of the leaders in backcountry skiing and ski-mountaineering. Over the past few months I have been in close contact with a few of my top picks and one is now coming to fruition.

I am proud to announce that I am now a Black Diamond sponsored skier. The news came a couple weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier. Black Diamond was one of three companies that I have really been working hard to partner up with, and I am grateful the crew in SLC is giving me the chance to become part of the family. Special thanks to Jack Tackle, Steve Kropf, Greg Williams, Penn Newhard, Charlie Lynch and ColleenBD Voodoo: Invoke Your Magic Graham-Nipkow for their efforts in making this come together. Just say the word and I’ll break trail for you anytime! 😉

There are a few reasons why I lobbied hard for Black Diamond, but probably first and foremost are the skis. My first pair of BD skis was a pair of 190cm Seracs from the late nineties and I skied many of the classic Teton descents with these in the early days. My most recent pairs have been the 190cm Verdicts I scored in 2006, and the new Kilowatts from this past season. Both of these skis are fantastic to ski, yet totally different from each other. The Verdicts offer a butter smooth ride in soft snow, while the Kilowatts aggressively bash thought the crude like a tank.

I’m super psyched to be able to revamp my quiver for next season with BD’s new wood-cord planks. It will range from the psycho-wide, wood core, 110 at the waist BD VerdictsZealots of the Power Series, to the light and fast Voodoos of the Efficiency Line. To wet your whistle for the goods, Black Diamond has a website dedicated to the launch of their complete new line…check it out at Thanks Black Diamond!