By: randosteve|Posted on: August 23, 2007|Posted in: Buck Mountain, The Tetons | 6 comments

Buck and PhelpsAwesome views of the north side of Buck Mountain down to Phelps Lake. Looks like there are still some icebergs in Timberline Lake too.

I’ve always told myself that I was going to wait until I was 40 to seriously think about taking up the sport of paragliding. I’m not totally sure why, but I think it is because I hear a lot of people say that it tends take over your life and I guess I want my life to be more about skiing for the time being. Jackson is a great spot for flying, so I think it is inevitable sooner or later.

I have a lot of friends that fly and one of them sent me a couple photos he took of the North side of Buck Mountain during a recent flight over the Tetons. It is cool to see these lines in the heat of the summer, with no snow in them and from this perspective. I guess it would only be cooler if it was winter.

Buck Mtn Couloirs1. North Couloir Left (aka: Bubble Fun Couloir)
2. North Couloir Right (aka: Newk Couloir)
3. North Couloir, West Peak

I’ve skied all three of these couloirs…well…almost, and couple of the trips are logged here on I skied the Newk Couloir back in the day…before digi-cams and I unfortunately don’t have any pics. I guess that means I’ll just have to go an ski it again.