By: randosteve|Posted on: August 24, 2007|Posted in: Gear | 21 comments

New BD Skis

I was pretty psyched when I got the call that a couple boxes from Black Diamond arrived for me at the shop yesterday. I was anticipating a big square box, full of packs and crampons and such, and I bounced off the wall when I saw a ski box tucked in the corner. I wasn’t expecting to receive any sticks until late September or early October, and I hugged my girlfriend and jumped up and down with excitement like it was Christmas morning after seeing it. Let me tell you…there is nothing that will get you more amped to ski in August than fondling a new pair of skis…besides actually skiing of course.

Some of you may know that I am a total gearhead and I thought long and hard about what planks I would pick out from BD’s well thought out line-up and so far I think I made the right choices. I might pick up one more setup down the road, maybe a shorter ride in the 170’s, specifically for kung-fu turns down the steepest and tightest couloirs. For now though, these two pair of skis will more than cover most of the skiing I will be doing.

I’m expecting a bit more gear to arrive soon and I will no doubt talk about what and why I chose what I did, but for now…anyone have any guesses on what model skis these are?