By: randosteve|Posted on: October 12, 2007|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, Gear | 4 comments

Ozone Access II

I bought a few new toys recently with the money I made selling some gear on The Swap Shop. I’m still waiting for some to arrive, but I picked up this OZONE Access II Snow Kite from Hoback Sports and I’ve been itching to get it out for a test drive!

Snow kiting on the Upper Tasman GlacierI broke my cherry snow kiting down in New Zealand with Andrew Mclean. We didn’t really use it for travel, but we did screw around with it on the Upper Tasman Glacier one afternoon. I know Andrew swears by the NASA type wings and he even has a “How to Build a Kite” page on, but the opportunity to get this one at a good price came up, so I jumped on it. I know a few people who have also recently gotten some kites, so hopefully I can hook up with some folks on the same learning curve as me.

I’m starting with a 6 meter kite. I’ve heard it’s a good size for beginners and pretty good for windy days once you get the hang of it, so hopefully I can still use it as my skills progress. I’ve heard the stories of local snow-kiter Wayne, kiting up Twin Slides and Glory Bowl on Teton Pass last year, but for now, I’m hoping to get to the point where I can use it to cross Jackson Lake and access some of the peaks on it’s western shore. Someday it would be cool to be able to keep up with Wayne, but I’ll take baby steps for now.