By: randosteve|Posted on: December 10, 2007|Posted in: People | 4 comments

Think you had a close-call in the mountains this weekend? A skier was caught and buried in an avalanche on East Angle Mountain on Togwotee Pass on Saturday. Read about his experience on his blog, Southern Wind River Adventures.

Avalanche on East Angle Mountain
Courtesy: Southern Wind River Adventures

Interestingly enough, the same skier triggered a slide in this same area last year…but didn’t get buried. This weekend, when he got buried, he heard “whoomping” on the skin to the top and saw evidence of an avalanche on a similar aspect on a different slope. Now, I’m not attacking this skier personally (hell, I skinned up some “whoomping” slopes this weekend too), but this case shows that often there are clues to avalanches that we…as humans…don’t choose to actually listen to. Yeah, we often acknowledge their presence, but in the end…we just can’t say no to the lure of untracked powder. It is amazing how powerful it can be. Please…Live to Ski!!!

Aurora Borealis
BTW, I grabbed this image off the Teton Pass Webcam this morning…before sunrise.
Dude…Is that the Aurora Borealis?