By: randosteve|Posted on: December 13, 2007|Posted in: GTNP, The Tetons | 10 comments

Got out skiing yesterday on Peak 10,696 in the park. I was on a solo mission, but ran into another park afficionado on the way (an old roommate actually), so we skied the peak together.

Unfortunately a group had skied it the day before and there were a few tracks in the southeast facing bowl, but a semi-filled in skin track made getting to the top was a piece of cake. It’s still a little rocky up there and I tagged one at the bottom, losing a ski and face-planting in the powder…which is how the video ends. Someone said I should stop using Pearl Jam tunes in my little videos, but I’m not ready yet. This is “Strangest Tribe”, from the Lost Dogs album. Enjoy!