By: randosteve|Posted on: January 2, 2008|Posted in: Nez Perce, The Tetons | 20 comments

I’ve been out all night on a TCSAR call-out in Unskiabowl on the Pass…our second call-out on New Year’s Day. Saved his life…and now I’m going to bed. Might take a couple days to recover. I’m sure most people have heard about all the big slides yesterday and I just hope not to have to respond to another avalanche incident for a few days. I know it’s got me thinking twice about my skiing plans this week.

For all you rando racers out there…I got word that the Kirkwood race this weekend might get canceled…because of weather. I know Zahan Billamoria and Cary Smith from my neck of the woods were headed that way to race this weekend. Bummer for them.

Here’s a little video I put together from skiing the Sliver last week. Hope you like it…and yes more Pearl Jam, “Fatal”. Hope you like it!