By: randosteve|Posted on: January 4, 2008|Posted in: Humor, People | 12 comments

For those of you that are unfamiliar, the world of skiing, surfing and other hipster type sports not only involve interesting characters…but also interesting terminology, called brobonics or broisms. Here are some that I have come to know and understand over the years…and occasionally use. Thanks to Ellie Levin’s for some inspiration on this post! Got any Bro-isms of your own???

Albrotross: A skier/snowboarder that rides with their arms spread out. Dude, Eddy rides like and albrotross when he skis lines.

Ambrodextrous: A bro that shakes or shakas with his right or left hand…or can ride forwards or backwards. Dude, did you see Tatersall drop S&S backwards? He’s so ambrodextrous.

Brahphet: A bro who thinks they know everything. Man those guys who send me those agro comments sure think they are brahphets!

Bro in the dark: A bro who never has a tan. Dude, those jibbers who always wear bandannas are so bro in the dark.

Bro Jack: A way a bro’s girlfriend finds him. Dude, RandoKitty must have Bro Jack, she found me at the Brew Pub.

Bro’s Nest: A Place where bros hang out. The Village Cafe is such a bro’s nest.

Broa Constrictor: A bro who hugs alot. Man that guy is such a broa constrictor, I wish he’d stop hugging me.

Broad Block: When a bro blocks another bro from getting a chick. Brah, Joey totally broad blocked me and said I had the herp in front of that hottie.

Brobi Won Kenobi: A bro who’s always in position to get first tracks. Man, Randosteve is like Brobi Won Kenobi and always scores the freshies.

Brobot: A bro who shows no emotion. Dude that guy was a total brobot and didn’t even flinch when I snaked his line.

Brohemian: A bro who hangs out wit the artistic crowd. Brah, don’t such a brohemian, let’s bag this art show and go skiing!