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NOTE: If anyone wants to ski free at Grand Targhee on Friday or Saturday and is willing to help set some skin tracks for the rando race…please call Andy Williams @ 307-353-2300.

Grand Teton and Disappointment Peak
You can’t really see them, but these
are the four couloirs I played in on my days off last week.
Thanks to whoever (GC?) put in the perfect track into Garnet.

It always bites going into my days off after a couple scary days of rescues and avalanches. Kinda makes me pull back the reigns a little bit in fear of the snowpack and being slid by an avalanche. When I skied the Sliver with Reed a couple weeks ago, I noticed a line on the north side of Garnet Canyon that I hadn’t skied yet…maybe you saw it too!

Anyway, I spent a couple days last week skiing some lines on Disappointment Peak and put together this video. The first day I skied the middle two lines in the photo with Dustin Lemke. The one on the left didn’t top out…but we skied under a chockstone…if you can call it skiing. The one on the right topped out at Surprise Lake and was pretty short. The second day I got with Reed and old school team extreme member Chris Onufer to ski the Southwest Couloir (aka, Irene’s Couloir) which is the line all the way on the left. Unfortunately, the couloir wasn’t very filled in yet (not really a big surprise) and we were pressed for time enough that down climbing three rocky sections was going to make us late. The climbing was fun though and we opted to traverse north when it topped out on the big East Face of Disappointment and ski the Spoon Couloir (TR from last season)… which was completely wind blasted.

This video is a little longer (just over 5 mins), but I think it is my best so far. If anyone has some feedback (besides that they hate Pearl Jam) I’d be glad to hear it because I’m having fun making them. One thing I’ve wondered is what people like more…written/photo trip reports, video TR’s…or both? I’ve crossed a milestone too and even put some telemarking in this one. It is amazing how much this blog has changed me. This PJ song (and version) kicks butt, so please turn it up if you can…”Nothing as it Seems”, Live at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Oct. 22, 2003.