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The start
The start.

Here are some photos from the Teams Race at Targhee this weekend. Thanks to Brad Boner who was over there shooting for the Jackson Hole News and Guide. Look for a story on the race later in the week.

Zahan Billamoria Wray Langdon and Eric Wilbrecht hammer at the start
Zahan Billamoria, Wray Langdon, and Eric Wilbrecht battle for position at the start.

The Freeride Event on Sunday was pretty fun. Honestly…I wanted to support the event, but really I just wanted to get it over with because I have a ton of stuff on my plate right now. The first bootpack was pretty congested, but soon enough the racers fell into their places. I raced in my Z-zero’s and some 170cm BD skis coming out next year called the Guru…to mix things up a little bit. I wasn’t sure how to deal with my boots for this race, so I just left them in ski mode and buckled during the bootpacks. I could tell this slowed me down though and next time I think I would try a different technique. Not sure how much the different gear choices mattered for such a short race, but in hindsight, some more flex at the ankle would have been nice.

Team Crested Butte trying the tow method
Team Crested Butte trying the tow method.

Anyway the fog lifted just before the start, which was nice, and Brendan French came away with the win…using 190cm Verdicts and Z-zeros mind you. Watch out for this guy later in the season. Zahan Billamoria came in second with his standard race rig (F1s and Trabs) and I pulled in third. I torqued my finger pretty good locking my toe pieces out before the first descent and felt some popping and crunching when it happened. Right now I’ve got it splinted up and am icing it, hoping to heal it up enough so it’s a non-issue next weekend at the US Team qualifiers in Colorado. That’s all I have time for for now…after racing…going to work…and then short haul training for TCSAR in the evening…I’m pooped!!!

Here’s the story about that rescue in Cache Creek the other night. Nice one guys!

Reed Finlay pushes up the skin track
Reed Finlay pushes up the skin track.