By: randosteve|Posted on: January 22, 2008|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, Utah | 4 comments

 Guys slips into the East Couloir of Kesler Peak

After a decent nights sleep, I awoke to about 6” of snow on the van parked in Sugarhouse. As I pulled out to go to my friend Guy Evan’s house, it was evident that the streets hadn’t been plowed and many two wheel drive cars were struggling…if not completely in the ditch. Guy lives at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon and the snow was more like 10” at his place!

We put a quick plan together and got some breakfast before heading up the canyon to our trailhead. After not too long, cars were back up for miles down the canyon, probably from some sucker not abiding by the “four-wheel drive cars only” restriction. We decided to whip a u-turn and head towards Big Cottonwood Canyon instead.

Guy skins up Kesler

Our plans were now open and I listened to Guy and his friend Chris rattle off our options, assuring me of their knowledge of the area. We decided to head up a line called Argenta and see what might transpire. I was feeling pretty spent after the previous two days of racing and I got a couple small blisters from my race boots, so I was going at about 60%. As I went to switch into my highest climbing setting, I realized that my FT’s were still set for the BD demo boots…a full 18mm larger than my Zzeros. Luckily, Guy had a cordless drill in his rig, so I took the time to ski down and adjust my bindings. 18mm is a lot to adjust on Dynafits with a leatherman.

 Chris skis the East Couloir of Kesler

It seemed like it was going to be one of those days, but the rhythm of the skin track quickly set in and we made or way leisurely to the ridge below the summit of Kesler Peak. After a quick break, we continued on to the summit to eyeball the East Couloir, a line Guy has been eyeing for a bit. There seemed to be less snow in the mountains than in town and we figured our only concern was from some loose slough following us down the couloir, so we slipped in and regrouped below a rocky outcropping.

Guy on the apronIn spots of the couloir, where the snow slough had piled up, it was over our head and I felt like I was on my race skis again. The apron below offered turns where we could open it up a little bit and ski our own line. We continued down to the bottom of the canyon, through open fields and gullies,Just like Teton Pass to an area called Cardic Fork(?), before double poling back to the road. I felt like I was on The Pass as Guy hitchhiked for a ride back to the car.

6 inches in 5 hoursAfter some beers and a huge plate of nachos at the Porcupine, we got back to Guy’s house only to find that close to another 6 inched had fallen while we were gone. I’m assuming the Tetons are getting nailed right now too and I can’t wait to see them again later in the week.

I’m going to the Outdoor Retailer Demo day today, where hopefully I can get on as much of the new product as possible. Ciao for now!!!