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Olive Oil South Side
Reed and I skied these two lines yesterday
Dubbed Canola and Peanut Oil.

I skied a couple fun lines off of Olive Oil yesterday that I don’t think get skied very much…for a total of 7,000″ of vertical. The original plan was to go big out of the Death Canyon trailhead, but when Reed and I turned down the Moose Wilson Road at about 6:30am, it was completely blown in by the strong winds of Wednesday night. We passed a rotary plow just after turning on to the road, but soon were stopped cold by a 7′ snow drift completely blocking the road. Luckily Reed had a Plan B all lined up.

rotary Plow clean up Moose Wilson Road
Though there were clear skies Wednesday night,
High winds drifted snow completely across the Moose/Wilson Road…7′ deep!

We decided to roll all the way around the valley and start out of the Granite Canyon trailhead to try some south facing lines off of Olive Oil. The lines that we skied rarely get filled in enough to ski cleanly, but with all the snow this year…they were good to go. I’m not sure of the official names of them…or if they even have any…but we’re dubbing them Canola and Peanut Oil…not quite as virgin as olive oil!

Reed skis Peanut Oil
Reed Finlay skies Peanut Oil.

With Valentines Day yesterday, I didn’t have time to get all a full trip report out quite yet…so stay tuned for more!

Peanut Oil
A better view of Peanut Oil.