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 Morning sun from granite trailhead
Sunrise from Granite Canyon trailhead.

I was SO psyched to go skiing last Friday. Sunny days have been few and far between this season and I’ve missed most of them by being on the road or having to work. I was no doubt bummed when I saw the Moose-Wilson Road blown-in in on Friday morning (see previous post), but in the end and looking back, I still had a fun day skiing with one of my best friends. Who can complain about that?

 Reed checks out Banana Couloir on Prospectors Mountain

I got some good photos (at least I think so) of skiing some south facing couloirs/gullies of Olive Oil. Thanks to some friendly natives, I now know that one of them is named either the Limp Noodle or Spaghetti. Fun lines…but tough to get in good conditions due to their southern exposure, tricky route finding and over the past few years…thin snowpack. Anyway, I though this shot of Reed looking up a Banana Couloir was cool…with the shadow and all. One thing to note….The Banana looks more like a bowl than a couloir these days.

 Reed skis the south side of Olive Oil

This next shot is nice because of the snow kicked up behind Reed’s skis and the summit of Rendezvous in the background. Some small flutes also add to the mix! Kinda reminds me of those photos you see on the walls of condo rentals.

 Eight Teton Peaks
Eight Teton Peaks.
Click here for larger image.

I like this shot because I think it is deceiving. While it looks like only a few beautiful Teton peak…a close look reveals at least 8 named summits (maybe 9?).. Can you name them?

 Reed skis the Spaghetti line on Olive Oil

This picture intrigued me because when I first looked at it, I wanted to alter it to have the dead tree in the upper left vertical. But if I did that, the tree on the right wouldn’t have looked right. Weird how the angles are in these tight gullies. I like the tombstone-like rock right above The Reeders too!

 Reed skis into Granite Canyon

It’s obvious what make this shot cool is the flutes on the rocks. The depth of field with the Granite Canyon in the shadow adds something to it…but I’m not sure what.

 Granite Canyon shots from JHMR
Granite Canyon lines from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
Click here for larger image.

This is a great view of the lines in Granite Canyon. I wish I knew all the names…I’ve only skied a handful.

 Reed skis the Limp Noodle on Olive Oil

I really like this photo. Reed nailing a turn into a slough pile and the steep face with snow pillows above him. The shadows and the rock in the top left add depth.

I got out today for a half-day tour…I had to be at work at noon, but today seemed to be THE day. Anyway, I’ve got snowmobile training for TCSAR on Saturday (which is getting snowmobiles unstuck training for me) and then back to work until I leave for Switzerland on Wednesday. Ciao for now!