By: randosteve|Posted on: February 18, 2008|Posted in: International, Trip Planning | 2 comments

Raised so far
Raised so far.
It’s not too late to donate!

I just wanted to recognize all those that have donated to the TetonAT Switzerland Fund before I head overseas on Weds morning to race in the World Ski Mountaineering Championships. Thank you for your enormous generosity!!!!

I’m feeling pretty good right now and I just need to try and get some more rest and sleep. I’ve started to get may stuff together for the trip and the pile is getting bigger by the minute. Since I’ll be bringing two sets of skis, one for racing (Dynafit SR11, 160cm) and one for playing (Black Diamond Kilowatt, 185cm), as well as two sets of boots…it just leads to the endless out of control spiral of needing at least two sets of everything. One set of crampons for racing…one for playing, two sets of skins for racing…one for playing, two hats for racing…you get the idea. I’m still waiting for some last minute goodies to arrive via UPS that have been delayed by the blizzards of last week. I stressed for a bit last night searching for my race harness…that I never found. I used to have two of them, but I think I mistakenly sold them both. Bummer!

I’ll try to get out on Tuesday morning before work for one last stretch of the legs before the trip. Just a few shorts intervals. I like to try and simulate race starts at this point in the training regime. Starts can play a big part in these larger events. Ever seen the start of a big Nordic race? Some can be complete carnage! Anyway, I’ve got some more skiing stoke lined up for tomorrow from a tour on Friday. So stay tuned!!


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