By: randosteve|Posted on: March 3, 2008|Posted in: Broken Link to Photo/Video, International | 2 comments

Valle Blanche
Just one day skiing here in Chamonix before having to hit the road and deal with getting back to Jackson. I’ve had very limited time and access to the web, so sorry no updates in the past few days…and probably not much going on here until around mid week.

We caught one day of really good weather, but today it looks to be crapping out. Let me tell you though, being here in Chamonix has been an eye opening (and wallet opening) experience. We did a tour on the Valle Blanche, as every skier should, and toured for a bit up one of the side glaciers. I bought a guidebook so I plan on coming back…but maybe with a little smaller group. Au Revoir for now!