By: randosteve|Posted on: March 3, 2008|Posted in: Prospectors Mountain, The Tetons | 11 comments

Just posting this video before heading to the Geneva airport to head home. We stayed with Nicholas Combe one of the coaches of the Swiss Ski Mountaineering Team and his wife Severine Pont-Combe who is one of the top two, if not the top, female racers on the team. They were super hospitable and even made us some raclette for dinner, which is a great Swiss cheesy dish. Yum!! Thanks so much Nicholas and Severine!!!

Anyway, I made this video from some footage of skiing the south facing couloirs of Olive Oil. The helicopter in the video is one that the GTNP rangers use to count sheep. Personally, I thin they should just leave them alone…but that’s a rant I won’t get into right now. The song is one of Pearl Jam’s popular tunes from the Ten album, “Alive”. Hope you like it!