By: randosteve|Posted on: March 11, 2008|Posted in: Prospectors Mountain, The Tetons | 6 comments

I skied Apocalypse Couloir with Harder last week. It was Brian’s first time skiing it and that gave me a good excuse to let him do most of the trail breaking. Thanks Bra! I also used it as a way to get my mind right so to speak and it was the first run on my new Black Diamond Stigma/Dynafit TLT Classic spring skiing setup.

Conditions were variable to say the least and the snow was pretty crappy, ranging from boiler plate to breakable windslab and you had to read the snow to find the best line. The good part was that the Apocalypse is way filled in this year and we were able to make turns all the way through the crux (maybe 5′ of side-slipping…for those counting).

Anyway, I hope people can take this for what it is…a fun ski mountaineering video in cool terrain put to good music…at least for me. This time it’s just Eddie with “End of the Road”, from the Into the Wild soundtrack. Here is the YuTube link. Thanks for visiting…PEACE!