By: randosteve|Posted on: April 12, 2008|Posted in: Garnet Canyon, The Tetons | 10 comments

Small avalanche just above the Meadows in Garnet Canyon today.

Well, looks like I went 1 for 3 this week…scoring a fun descent yesterday, but today, high winds shutdown a planned descent in Garnet Canyon. I have a feeling a few other groups got turned around as well, since the forecast was for mostly sunny skies. Unfortunately, the winds were blowing around 30mph during the morning hours and keeping the peaks socked in above about 11,000′. It looks like groups that got a later start might have scored though, as it looked like things might have settled down by the time we got to the parking lot. Don’t you hate when that happens?!

Largest part of the crown estimated at 3 feet.

Interestingly enough, I managed to find the sweet spot below the Cave Couloir and triggered a small avalanche. Nothing too scary, but kinda of out of the blue, seeings how the skin track up to the South Fork of Garnet Canyon often follows more or less the lookers left hand side of the crown. It knocked me down, but I managed to upright myself quickly and ski out unscathed. Not a killer slide, but a good wake up call for sure.