By: randosteve|Posted on: April 29, 2008|Posted in: Nez Perce, The Tetons | 18 comments

Went up to Garnett Canyon on Saturday and skied West Hourglass Couloir with my friend Chris. Surprisingly, there was no one in the parking lot at 7 am on the first bluebird powder day we’ve had in a long time. I think a lot of people must be out of town…or just over skiing…if that’s possible. Not my best video, but still good enough to watch while listening to some Pearl Jam. “Wash”…from the Lost Dogs CD. Hope you like it.

The park road is scheduled to open this week (May 1st), allowing for quick access to some of the more northern peaks. And with about 5′ of snow still at the String Lake Trailhead…looks like the snow will be around for a while. Thank God!