By: randosteve|Posted on: May 14, 2008|Posted in: People, The Wind Rivers | 1 comment

Cirque of the Towers and Deep Lake

For all those Wind River rock-jocks out there, Joe Josephson has teamed up with Steve Bechtel to put out a new pocket/pack sized guidebook for the “Cirque of the Towers and Deep Lake” region. I’ve checked it out at the shop and they are nicely done, with informative trail and route maps, as well as good photography that captures the spirit of the area. The route descriptions are perfect and not over informative, saving some of the adventure for the climb itself, and include routes on Haystack, East Temple Peak, Warbonnet, Sharks Nose…to name a few.

While Joe Kelsey’s, “Climbing and Hiking the Wind River Mountains” will probably remain the bible for the range, this new guide is great for those who don’t want to haul the weighty publication into camp with them and are less interested in the climbs on the far out peaks. Check out some of Joe’s other titles for rock and ice climbing, as well as mountaineering, at First Ascent Press.