By: randosteve|Posted on: May 15, 2008|Posted in: Mount Owen, The Tetons | 11 comments

Small slab release at the top of the Koven Couloir

As Brian Harder and I approached the top of the Koven Couloir and the Koven Col today, the snow changed dramatically. A small slab had formed on the looker’s left. A cornice blocked easy access directly above.

Randosteve…”Man…it sure is getting slabby up here”

Brain literally punched his way through the snowpack, battling to gain more vertical, as I moved 1-2′ square blocks out of the trough he was creating.

Randosteve…”Man…there sure are some funky layers right here. It’s getting kinda sketchy.”

Not one minute later, a 12-18′ slab broke off and I quickly found myself going for a ride in the wrong direction at the very top of the Koven Couloir…not a good place to be. I immediately went into survival mode and dug my crampons into the snow and managed to stop myself after only about moving about 10′, as the rest of the slab thundered down the couloir. Got my heart beating a bit. Afraid to continue in the same direction, we traversed right and tunneled thought the cornice to gain access to the col.

Anyway, this PSA is in reference to the parking at Lupine Meadows…passed on for the rangers. Thanks!