By: randosteve|Posted on: May 16, 2008|Posted in: Teewinot, The Tetons | 6 comments

Last weekend I got out into Cascade Canyon with Reed Finlay and Brian Harder. We ventured into the Teewinot/Owen Cirque to ski a line I’ve heard referred to as Tallboy Couloir. If you know it as something else…feel free to share. The couloir kinda starts from the col between the East Prong and the next point to the east (Peak 11,840), and what I think is referred to as the East Thong by Grand/Cathedral Traverse experts.

Conditions were pretty good, transitioning really, and some clouds kept the temps down to allow for an easy pace. Crossing Cascade Creek was a piece of cake with the lingering snow. We found some deep, two-day old spring powder up high and I was kinda wishing I had my Voodoos or Kilowatts, rather than my 174 Stigmas. Enjoy the show!