By: randosteve|Posted on: May 29, 2008|Posted in: Gear | 10 comments

Holy Grail Binding

For all those of you still wishing for that ‘holy grail’ binding that allows one to telemark…AND lock the heel down for alpine turns …AND have a free pivot for climbing…AND releaseability…your dream may be one step closer to coming true. Rumor has it a certain US company has recently put in a patent application for such a binding…and if you recognize some of the listed inventors…it’s pretty obvious who that company is.


  • 1 Step-in
  • 2 Lightweight
  • 3 Easily adjustable heel retention
  • 4 Much better edging due to direct transfer of forces to the edges from the point where the forces are initiated
  • 5 Heel lock-down option (for Downhill skiing )
  • 6 Much more robust due to elimination of cables/plates
  • 7 Toe pressure-release for climbing—no compression of bellows
  • 8 Bio-mechanically tuned safety release system (pivots under foot, not at either end)
  • 9 Adjustable toe pressure
  • 10 “Tune-able” all the way from neutral to active feel

If the claims are actuate, then this could really be the next big innovation in backcountry skiing bindings. Only time will tell though and we will have to wait to see if it goes into production.