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Jimmys Trifecta Route
Jimmy Chin’s Trifecta Route.
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Well, on occasions I do, but when I hear about days like the following, I feel like I’m slow as molasses. Photographer, skier/climber and The North Face sponsored athlete, Jimmy Chin shot me an email last week breaking down his recent (last Friday) light and fast mission to climb and ski the Grand, Middle and South Teton. It only took him 10:55 to nail the three high points of Garnet Canyon…car-to-car.

  • 1:40am Leave Lupine Meadows Trailhead,
  • 5:00am Base of Stettner Couloir,
  • 6:40am Top of Grand Teton,
  • 6:45am Skiing Ford Couloir,
  • 7:15am Downclimb Chevy Couloir,
  • 8:45am Bottom of North Ridge on Middle Teton,
  • 9:45am Top of Middle Teton,
  • 10:00am Ski Southwest Couloir,
  • 11:15am Top of South Teton,
  • 11:20am Ski East Ridge of South Teton,
  • 12:35pm Back at Lupine Meadows Trailhead.

Some finer points.

  • No caches,
  • No ropes,
  • Solo,
  • Carried everything from car and back,
  • 2 liters of water,
  • 2 quad espressos,
  • 4 Lara Bars,
  • Three day old banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Pearl St,
  • 1/2 ham and cheese sandwich,
  • 10 GU’s.

Jimmys Trifecta Route
Photo by Jimmy Chin. Click for larger image.