By: randosteve|Posted on: July 31, 2008|Posted in: Disappointment Peak, The Tetons | 4 comments

Well, I finally think I have this VIMEO thing figured out and I’m pretty sure it is working now with most versions of Internet Explorer (not sure about Safari), though it does show an error in the code somewhere. I recommend Firefox for your browser.

While jonesing for winter recently, I’ve been spending time uploading some videos from the past winter and plugging them into the TetonAT Video archives. I should be able to get it all wrapped in the next day or two. To be totally honest with you, I watch these videos all the time and they bring back some great memories…not to mention the rockin’ Pearl Jam tunes. This video is my favorite from the winter and radder still in higher VIMEO quality. Please….turn the volume up for maximum effect.

Have a great weekend!