By: randosteve|Posted on: August 10, 2008|Posted in: Avalanche Safety, People | 2 comments

Fall on Ice Cream Cone
South side of the South Fork of Garnet Canyon Peaks.
Except for the Middle Teton, which pops up from behind the ridge.

Unfortunately, the Jenny Lake Rangers have been very busy while I’ve been away, having to deal with three incidents in less than a week. It all started off last week with a backpacker going missing and the rangers finding him after spending 32 hours with broken bones and internal injuries suffered from two falls on snow. One into a moat. They saved his life. The next rescue was a women on the Upper Saddle who lost control of her rappel off the Grand Teton and landed hard after sliding 50′ down the rope. She had multiple injuries and broken bones. They used a heli-short haul technique and removed her from the Upper Saddle. The third, and worst resulting accident happened yesterday when a climber, trying to get back on route, slipped on a hanging snowfield somewhere in the vicinity of the Gilkey Tower. Rumor has it his body ended up in a very challenging place for recovery and the rangers were finally able to recover his body late on Sunday. Considering the afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been having, not a pleasent day for them at all. Our condolences go out to all those related to the victum.

These accidents remind us to be extra careful and always use proper gear (and know how to use it) when traveling in the mountains. Often unexpected terrain and conditions push us beyond our ability and it is our own responsibility to know when to stop and reconsider the risks we are about to take. Though it is always nice to see our friends and members of the Jenny Lake Ranger, we’d rather it wasn’t during a rescue. Be safe out there!!!