By: randosteve|Posted on: September 11, 2008|Posted in: People | 9 comments

Tracy Bowers climbs Rye Crisp in the City of Rocks
Mary Howley climbs the uber-classic Rye Crisp in the City of Rocks, ID
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Took a trip to the City of Rocks, ID last weekend with The Kitty and some friends that climb a lot.  The City is such a crazy place and I felt out of touch while the rest of the crew rattled off route and rock formation names around camp.  I feel like I’m getting a bit better with the whole rock climbing thing and starting to feel a little more confident in my abilities, but my skiing rando arms need some beefing up if I’m ever gonna be a rope gun.  These are the routes that our group climbed.

Breadloves:Super Hits Wall
Intruding Dike- 5.7
Twist and Crawl- 5.8
New Toy- 5.10bR

Steinfell’s Dome
Southeast Face- 5.8

Bath Rock
Private Idaho- 5.9
Rollercoaster- 5.9
Colossus- 5.10c

Elephant Rock
Just Say No- 5.9
Rye Crisp- 5.8