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Steve Romeo skis Avy Bowl
Early season turns on Avalanche Bowl.
Photo in Jackson Hole News and Guide.

Cuz if there’s snow on the ground…I’m gonna damn well ski it. Really, it’s still pretty thin out there, but there’s plenty of snow to get the skis on and get some good skiing under your belt before the season really kicks in. It’s also a great time of year to organizes your gear and hunt down those items that you lent to your bud last spring.

Turns on Avy Bowl
More turns from Avy Bowl.

Looks like a lot of people are seeing the light on the Pass…but few are actually committing to gravity in search of the turn. And I don’t blame them. However, the classic spots, like Avalacnhe Bowl, have just enough coverage in spots to link together a couple hundred feet of vertical. The warm and wet temps seem to have made the shnow a little more bouncey too! Helping you stay out of the weeds.

Trav hikes up Stewart Draw
Trav hikes up Stewart draw

For the more adventurous types (and those with more disposable gear) the park is shaping up…at least for lots of skinning. I attempted to ski Static Peak the other day with my split-boarding friend Travis, but was shut down by pretty low visibility. The good news is that we were skinning within about an hour of the car in Stewarts Draw.

Randosteve heads towards Static Peak
Bootpacking towards Static Peak

It was pretty easy finding enough snow to skin up to Static, but crossing some of the creeks and waterfall areas were a little sketchy. Most of the snow seemed relatively stable, but some serious wind slads (up to at least 12″) have formed in isolated areas. The summit of Static never showed itself that day, adn we opted to hit this little sidebar chute off the shoulder instead.

Trav boots up Static
Hiking up the chute

IMHO, I thought the actually skiing was pretty dicey, hitting multiple rocks and submarining my skis under the thick and solid snowpack on the descent. But Trav seemed to be able to handle the conditions much better on his snowboard…leaving me wondering if I could actually ski anymore. Needless to say, I played it safe and put the skis on my back once we were back into Stewart Draw and walked the rest of the way down. Can’t win them all I guess!

Early Season on Static Peak
Into the pea soup.